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[Note about page is from 2012, however some individuals involved with last years first of may group meetings and actions have put out this call out for 2013 and there are several EVENTS for this year]

This April a group of anarchists, leftists, trade unionists, students, workers and rebels came together. Our aim; to put May Day back into the Bristol consciousness as international workers day.

We will be joining together with people in Bristol and around the south west to celebrate the tradition of working class struggle against the bosses and politicians.  We will use the day to reinvigorate current struggles: against the destruction of the NHS, cuts to our pay, and taxing of pensions; for equallity, control of our lives, taxing the rich and affordable pasties for all.

Get involved!

Check out the events page for the next meetings and actions,
Join the Facebook Group,
drop us an email (and ask for updates!)
read up on the history of may day,
Tweet about #bristolmayday
and lets reclaim our day, our city and our lives.

People involved at present include members of;

…and many more who aren’t in any group, but want to express their rage at the condem government!


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