Final Details for May Day Action!

Plans have changed, decisions have been made, more folks have got involved and we’re now going to have a whole week of actions and protests in Bristol to celebrate May Day, leading up to a large march and action on Saturday the 5th.
The following is a diverse range of events representing many struggles, or as we see it many facets of the same struggle; against oppression for a free and just society.

Also the next meeting of Bristol May First Group is this Friday 27th of April, 7pm upstairs at the stag & hounds on Old Market. Likely to be our last before May Day!

#BristolMayDay & Facebook

Monday April 30th
Anti Vivisection(animal testing) Noise Demo, meet 12pm at the Bear Pit in the centre (to move on to a target). Bring things to make some NOISE.

Tuesday May 1st
Mass call in sick or otherwise skip work/school day Since the state refuses to give us may 1st off, we should take it ourselves.

Possible morning action against the criminalisation of squatting TBC/stay tuned!

Spreading May Day Meet 3pm by the fountains in the centre to raise peoples concsiousness about May Day! Stalls, leaflets, chats, and some fun & food as well.

Wednesday May 2nd
Picket ATOS Help fight back against the governments attacks on people with disabilities. ATOS is the company paid to take away disabled peoples benefits! We shall be handing out advice leaflets to those attending interviews, and protesting against ATS. 2pm at Flowers Hill in Brislington.

Thursday May 3rd
Anti-Workfare Flash Mob! Be around the Centre of town at 12.30 then call our hotline or drop us a text in advance to find the target (number will be released nearer the time). Bring Prison clothes (or warden outfits) and prepare for some theatric direct action!

Friday May 4th
South West Against Nuclear Demonstration against a local supplier to the proposed new nuclear power station at hinkley.  It will take place at midday at over court barns, Almondsbury(BS32 4DF), which can be reached by Bus (309 from bristol centre), train (patchway station), bike (8 miles from Bristol),  or contact SWAN for lift shares from Bristol swanactive[at]

Saturday May 5th – the big one!
May Day March against the destruction of the NHS!  Organised with the Bristol & District Anti Cuts Alliance with union support (aswell as with us crazy mayday folks). Gather from 11am on college green.

Reclaim the beach  Our bosses steal our time, the corporations steal our spaces and the state steals our holiday and hides our histroy! Its time for the workers to take it all back, beneath on top of the streets lies the beach.  Meet at the end of the anticuts march (12:30ish college green) and reclaim the streets of bristol. Bring hawaiian shirts, bermududa shorts, deck chairs, palm trees, BBQs and prepare for some anti-capitalist fun.


About Bristol Anarchist Federation

Bristol Anarchist Federation is an organisation of class struggle anarchist-communists who are part of the Anarchist Federation in the UK and affiliated to the international of anarchist federations.
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