Number for Workfare Flashmob & Updated Flyer

The anti-workfare flash mob will be taking place at 12.30pm on Thursday 3rd of May.  You will need to be in the centre (near the galleries) at 12.15pm and call this number  07930311065 to find out the details of the target!

If possible get hold of a prison outfit (black&white stripes, arrows, orange jump suit etc) or bring banners/placards/flags/just yourself!

We’ve also uploaded an updated flyer for the Reclaim the Beach view/download it here.

Last but not least, our final meeting before may day is this friday 7pm at the Stag&Hounds on old market, come on down if you can!

Remember to check the facebook event, twitter, and this blog for regular updates.


About bristol1stofmay

A group of people in Bristol coming together to organise events for May Day. Celebrating the tradition of working class struggle against bosses and politicians, and helping our current fights; against NHS privitsation, cuts to our pay&conditions and taxing pensioners; for equality, control of our lives, taxing the rich and affordable pasties for all! Get involved; come to the open meetings, join in the actions or email
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