Latest goings on!

Since the first May Day meeting in Bristol its been a hectic few weeks.  Things however are starting to come together, different people are meeting up each week to plan days of action, commemoration and celebration to mark May Day.

With plans falling into place for actions on both the Tuesday (May 1st) and Saturday (May 5th) our focus is now  on the following areas;

Publicity – focusing speaking to and leafleting  (leaflets to be finished Wednesday) as many people in Bristol as possible, as well as other ways of spreading the May Day message.

Weds2nd-Fri4th – more events to mark May Day (no marches, we’ll have enough walking/running around on the tuesday and saturday!). We would love for some of Bristols Campaign groups to plan actions in this time which we can link together and join in with .

Your crazy Idea here – Theres still time (just!) and plenty of energy for taking on exciting new anti capitalist ideas, so share them with us.

The next meeting is on Thursday (12th April) at 7.30pm,  Upstairs at the Stag & Hounds on Old Market.  Details of the next meetings and anything else you can get involved with are on the events page.


About bristol1stofmay

A group of people in Bristol coming together to organise events for May Day. Celebrating the tradition of working class struggle against bosses and politicians, and helping our current fights; against NHS privitsation, cuts to our pay&conditions and taxing pensioners; for equality, control of our lives, taxing the rich and affordable pasties for all! Get involved; come to the open meetings, join in the actions or email
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